Our First Post

Fluffy animals will be prominent as we travel

We might meet a koala at some point

So this is it. We’re off around the world. We’re not sure how we’ll survive… or if we will! But we’re certain it’s going to be a great adventure. And, through the medium of this little bloggie, and your own smartphone or t’interwebs connection, you’ll be able to keep up to date with our latest goings on as we travel AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 WAYS!

- Keir and Tracey

8 thoughts on “Our First Post

  1. That Koala would make a great headcover !! Have a great time both of you and enjoy your trip. It sounds brilliant!

  2. Hey S&T,
    Looking forward to seeing you off on Friday 1st Feb.
    Want to see photographic evidence of the 80 ways……
    :-) Rich & Mei xx

  3. Hey T & K, just want to know that you’ve arrived safely? Hope you’re enjoying the carnival? Let us know what you’ve been upto so far. Love Karen xxx

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